Louisiana FIRST Tech Challenge – Qual 1 results – Denham Springs / Northshore Qualifiers

Louisiana FIRST Tech Challenge Coaches,
1. Results from the New Orleans Qualifier are available at the FTC Events page. You can compare with events in other regions at https://ftc-events.firstinspires.org
Congrats to the five Q1 teams that advanced to our Regional Championship:
Inspire Award Winner 13017
Top Ranked Team 19824
Inspire Award 2nd place 9637
Top Ranked 2nd place Team 18393
Inspire Award 3rd place 14901
2. The current Covid community transmission level seems to have peaked but is still very high, so we will modify our coming Qualifiers to minimize contact and still allow for in-person robot play. I submitted to change to the remaining Qualifiers from Traditional to Hybrid to allow for remote Judging. In the meantime, you can test your access to the remote judging platform and Portfolio submission by connecting to your team’s interview in the Practice Fish event at the ftc-scoring.firstinspires.org site (or from Events on your team dashboard). Note that the Northshore Qualifier on February 12 may have remote Judging in early evening on Tuesday-Friday of the competition week.
3. Coaches, please consider joining the FTC-LA Discord – it may be a faster way to ask and receive information.
4. For our Denham Springs Qualifier next week:
The venue is Denham Springs Freshman High School, 940 N Range Ave, Denham Springs, LA 70726.
For this event we will follow a traditional event schedule. It will look something like this: pits will open at 7:30 AM, Inspections and Judging Interviews will be scheduled 8:00-10:00 AM, Qualification matches and remote follow-up interviews 10:30-2:30 PM, Finals matches 3:00-4:30 PM. We plan to have a brief awards ceremony at 5:00 PM if the J
Judging deliberations go on schedule. The packet with the Judging Interview times will be emailed late next week. The match schedule is created after inspections, but we hope to have 6 matches per team (volunteer staffing and teams finishing inspection on time allowing).
Because this is a large event we want to get our robot matches rolling as smoothly as possible. Please prepare your team for inspections by having them go through the inspection sheets in detail this week before the event. The Robot and Field Inspection sheets are available at the Game & Season Materials page.
Additional event modifications:
i. Proper mask wearing will be required – some of our teams are required to mask at school, and if they can do it so can the rest of us. We will be crowded but we ask teams not to congregate with other teams unnecessarily. Practice good flu/covid hygiene.
ii. Only team members and coaches in the pits.
iii. Limit your team to two additional non-coach adults only as needed for drivers or chaperones. They are not allowed in the pits or competition area.
iv. Judges will be remote. For this event, because of the short notice, we plan to schedule the interviews in classrooms at the venue during the inspection period 8-10 AM Saturday. We hope this will work out. For the remote judges, Engineering Portfolios, Control Award forms, and Feedback Forms will need to be uploaded by 10:00 PM Friday night Jan 21.
v. Coaches, please save your team roster as a PDF and email it to us next week before Saturday. Together, these should list everyone in the pit area at the event. You should not have any paper consent forms, but if you do please scan/photo them.

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