We have two rookie grants available for Louisiana FIRST® Tech Challenge teams (23 August 2016)

    • Awarded Rookie teams will receive a $275 credit that covers the FIRST® Tech Challenge annual registration, and a $475 credit toward control system and robot parts in the FIRST Tech Challenge Storefront.
    • To be awarded, a team MUST have a temporary FIRST Tech Challenge number. FLL, FLL Jr., and FRC teams are eligible but they MUST create a FIRST Tech Challenge team. FLL, FLL Jr., and FRC temporary team numbers are not valid.
    • FIRST Tech Challenge rookies that have already paid for their registration are not eligible for this grant.

To apply, please email with the following information:

      1. School or organization name, parish, address, and type (public, private, charter, homeschool, community, etc.)
      2. Teacher/coach name, email, and phone, and an alternate email (e.g., a non-school email)
      3. Grade range of FTC team membership
      4. Previous FIRST experience (FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge, FIRST Robotics Competition) for school, teacher/coaches and students
      5. School demographics (Title 1 status, demographics, free or reduced lunch status)

Deadline: September 6

CLECO is offering a limited number of grants to teams in the CLECO service areaS (23 August 2016)

  • These grants will cover the cost of Qualifier registration ($200)   We will accept grant requests and forward them to CLECO for confirmation of eligibility, in order of receipt.  Please email with
  1. team number
  2. school/organization name
  3. school/org street address info

Deadline: September 30

Keep an eye on opportunities posted at the FIRST website

They currently include the need-based 2016 FIRST Tech Challenge Team Grant for rookie and veteran teams.