Louisiana 2020-2021 Fair Play Teams

These Louisiana Teams have taken the Fair Play pledge. To add your team to the list, review the pledge at the NorCal website linked below, upload your robot inspection video and match videos, and send me the link to your channel.

Team numberTeam nameVideo upload link (shared folder, YouTube or other video channel, etc.)
6448Blue Jays YouTube Channel
13017Event HorizonYouTube Channel
14374Dark MatterYouTube Channel
15284St. Thomas More Catholic High SchoolYouTube Channel

The Fair Play initiative was developed by Mark Edelman, FIRST Tech Challenge Global Head Referee. He has information posted at his website for NorCal FIRST Tech Challenge.

The Fair Play for FIRST Tech Challenge Pledge

  • As a FIRST Tech Challenge Team, we hold to the FIRST Core Values
  • We believe that the spirit of Gracious Professionalism guides us to behave honestly and with integrity as we participate in FIRST
  • We recognize that the learning we accomplish is the primary reward for our participation in FIRST Tech Challenge
  • All Remote Event Matches we participate in will be scored honestly and openly, as if we were participating in a Traditional Event