Start A New FIRST Tech Challenge Team

Have you been thinking about starting a new FIRST Tech Challenge team? Or adding a team? There’s no better time than now!

Here are the essential steps:

  • Create a FIRST® Account
  • Create a Team Profile
  • Apply for a rookie team grant
  • Enter Storefront
    • Pay for Season Registration ($275)
    • Purchase Product ($725-$875 for a new team)
  • Complete Youth Protection Screening (US/Canada Lead Coach/Mentors only)
  • Reach out to the Louisiana Affiliate Partner ( to register for local events ($200 to start)
  • Review Available Resources – see the Team Management Resources page

Don’t worry!  FIRST has these instructions that walk you through the rookie team creation and storefront access.

Here are the kit-of-parts offerings in the Storefront.

For registration technical support, call 1-800-871-8326.

You can also contact us at Louisiana FIRST Tech Challenge for support.