LA FTC Reminder: Video awards submission deadline, offseason event, and old field sets

Louisiana FIRST Tech Challenge Coaches,

Three items: video awards, offseason event, and old field sets

There are two 2022 video awards, the Promote Award and the Compass Award. All our teams registered at FIRST are eligible to submit for these awards even if not competing at the Championship. Winners will be announced at the Regional Championship, but teams do not have to be present to enter and win. If you have creative students these can be fun projects for the team.

See award descriptions and details in sections 9.5.8 and 9.5.9 in the Game Manual Part 1 – Traditional Events.

The submission process for this award is to submit a link to the video by email to Videos will be downloaded from the provided link shortly after the deadline on March 23. Winning videos may be submitted to FIRST and used to promote the values of FIRST Tech Challenge.

Video Award Submission Guidelines:

  • The video must be submitted by Wednesday March 23, 2022 11:59 PM CT.
  • Please name your video file team#_award, as in 8956_promote.mp4 or 8956_compass.mp4.
  • If your video is private, please remember to grant access so that we can retrieve the video for the judges.
  • Videos must be submitted in AVI, WMV, MOV or better format. Remember the winning video may be shown on a large screen during the awards ceremony. Teams should use the best resolution available for the final version.
  • Only one video submission per Team will be considered. Teams may upload updated video files until the deadline.
  • Teams must have permission from the copyright owners for any music used in the video
  • The video link must point to a downloadable video file (AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4 or better). Submissions with links to YouTube or other streaming services will not be judged.

Mississippi Offseason Event

Mississippi FTC is looking at a possible Mississippi Memorial Madness off-season event, tentatively for May 27-27.  This will be another chance for teams to play Freight Frenzy with their existing or upgraded or brand new robots, and meet with teams from another Region.  We’ll pass details on when we get them.

Old field set cleanup:

We have game sets – some maybe complete, some incomplete – from the previous 5 seasons. If your team is interested in some or all of these, use this linked Google form to specify which ones. We’ll figure out a way to draw lots if more than one team is interested in a set. For any draw, year 1-2 teams will be given more chances than year 3+ teams. You may use these for parts/materials or for any other team use – most of them have at least reusable polycarb or Al extrusion.

Caveats: No field parts like perimeters or tiles. No guarantee that all these will be available (like they don’t fit through my new attic door or we already lent them out and forgot). You may have to meet me at least part way to pick up the sets. They may not be complete, so you may need to fill in missing parts if you want to use them for demos or camps.

Clark Rowley  : LA FTC PDP : 985-285-8455 :

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