FIRST Tech Challenge Louisiana 2018-2019 Qualifier registration

Louisiana FIRST Tech Challenge Coaches,

I apologize for the delay in getting this information out.  I know it’s making for some late decisions and planning for some teams.  I appreciate everyone’s patience.

The Qualifier assignments are attached in PDFs.  You will see that as expected the later events are more popular, and with the number of teams growing a little over last year, we are pushing the sizes of these events.

I have the okay with FIRST LA-MS to use PayPal for invoicing the Quals fee, so those will go in email to the primary coach.  You will have the option of mailing a check for the $200 fee to FIRST LA-MS, or paying online through PayPal for $204.70 (to cover the PP fee).  The payment will be due November 30.

  • We are really at maximum capacity for Qualifiers 2 and 3, but there may be a few more team registrations that I hope to be able to accommodate. There may a couple of spaces open because a couple of coaches only asked for one event, and I’m optimistic this will work out.
  • Because we’re at capacity, we’re exploring the possibility of adding a fourth Qualifier.  If we do, we will open that event up with priority given to teams who want to trade their Q2 or Q3 spot, then to 1st/2nd plays by late registering teams, then to optional 3rd plays (with an additional $100 reg fee).
  • Based on the three events with 18/24/24 teams, we would advance 6/7/7 teams from those three events (30-33% each event) to the 20-team Championship.  If we arrange a 4th Qualifier, we will adjust those numbers before Dec 1.
  • With this many teams at an event, we absolutely need your help and will expect each team to provide at least one adult volunteer (age 21+).

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