FIRST Tech Challenge Louisiana – Scrimmage Registration, Quals Reg coming

Louisiana FIRST Tech Challenge Coaches,

Just a quick note –

– Below is the registration for the Dark Matter Ready-or-Not Screammage on October 27 at Salmen High School in Slidell.

– I expect we will have about the same capacity at our Qualifiers as last year, so we will run the event registration the same way (some details below). I’ll post a Google form this Friday, October 12, to collect your teams’ Qualifier registration preferences, and leave the form up until October 21. Please watch for that email later this week. Qualifier fees will be due in early November.

– There were some significant changes to the Game Manuals last week, so please make sure your teams are referencing the latest versions from the Game Materials page. Changes are listed at the top of the documents.


Scrimmage registration:

Qualifier registration:

In brief: *If* Quals slots are a limited resource, we’ll assign them as fairly as we can.

Less brief and hopefully correct: We will assign a random draw number to each team. Qualifier spots will be filled with priority for geography for teams arranging long distance travel, then the draw order up to qualifier capacity – so teams may not get their first choice if there’s a lot of demand. Then, teams will be placed a waitlist for the second qualifier spot in reverse order. Schools with multiple teams will be placed together when their last number is up unless the coach says otherwise.

The target qualifier capacity is 16 teams to keep events a comfortable size, but we will probably have to add spots to accommodate special needs (late rookies, long distance).

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