Scrimmage hosted by 10337 Dark Matter – 14 Oct 2017

From 10337 Dark Matter:

For the October 14th scrimmage hosted by Dark Matter:

The scrimmage will be held at

Mandeville Junior High
639 Carondelet Street
Mandeville, LA 70448

There is no cost to register or participate in this event.

The matches will be in the gym and the pits will be in the library once again.

Start time (for meetings) is scheduled for 8:45 am. Pits will open at 8:00. We expect to have lunch around 11-11:30. We should end by 2:00.

We will offer pizzas for $10 per large one topping. The vendor will be determined later this week. I will send out a separate request for pizza pre-orders to those who register using the link below.

There are other food locations nearby if some teams want to send someone out for food.

We will have a concession stand available for snacks and drink purchases.

If you know of anyone that would like to volunteer, please have them register through the FIRST Volunteers site. The scrimmage is an excellent way to have volunteers trained in this year’s game. Here is the information sent out by Clark regarding Volunteering:

3. Volunteer registration

We absolutely need volunteers to run these events, especially judges and refs if the event gets large, so we are asking each team to recruit one adult volunteer for each event.

Louisiana 2017-2018 events are now scheduled and posted on the FIRST website. The volunteer registration is now processed through a login at rather than the old VIMS site. FIRST prepared a guide to the new volunteer registration process, and there is a copy here: You can apply to volunteer at events from your account under Dashboard->Volunteer Registration->Event Volunteering by specifying FIRST Tech Challenge and Louisiana.

Some roles require an hour or two of training ahead of the event, and there are monthly calls for key volunteer roles to exchange info (Refs, Judges, Scorekeepers, FTAs).

The scrimmage will only be the field game. We need all the volunteers associated with field game, including refs, field re-setters, scorekeepers, etc.

If you wish to register your team for the 10/14/17 scrimmage, please sign up using the following google form:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you and good luck this season!

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